Therapy. Tarot.

Honoring Your Intentions and Intuition to heal.

Amy R. Lynch, LCSW

Trauma Psychotherapy

PsychoSpiritual Therapy


for Individual Adults

Specializing in the treatment of Trauma, Anxiety, and Stress.

Hello Wild Seekers, I’m so glad that you stumbled on this page. If you are like me, and experience our circumstances as a wild ride that has, and rightfully so, painfully torn down old beliefs and patterns and has given us an opportunity to dedicate to a more truthful way of living.

Perhaps you feel as though you have carved out all that pulpy mess that wasn’t serving yourself or the collective anymore, and now feel as though you have been left as hollowed, malleable, more willing to be formed into who you are meant to be.

This process has given us the gift to explore the wasted energy of what we SHOULD be doing, without the agonizing and fretting that those dreams and those intuitions do not belong to US. Yes they do and there is an invitation to explore in this moment, right where you are.

It has hurt, and like so many other systems the rot underneath has been revealed, that unless the good is good for all, it was a faulty structure to begin with.

We are changing, evolving, moving towards the beautifully, deceptively simple acceptance of non duality, of the both/and, of the integration of actually we are enough just as we are, we do have goodness, and we don’t need to cover, gloss over, belittle, or sacrifice ourselves in a martyred way any longer.

My offerings are bearing witness to this process, and trust me, I’m in the mud with you, held together with sticks and spit, torn down and stitched back together again with the need to honor ourselves as we are, inviting our intuition and the shedding of many skins, old ideologies, and deeply painful beliefs that are no longer serving us or others.

We can work, and yes, it is work, towards integrating the dynamic, powerful selves that we are. In all its messy, fumbly glory, what is being forged is beautiful, powerful and gifts us with seeing with our eyes wide open.

Healing is dangerously intuitive, altering and unpredictable in its courses. At Wild Open Joy I find it a sacred honor to journey alongside you, offering a therapeutic space that is unique and individual to your needs and intentions.

Please connect with me for a complimentary consultation, I’d be honored to collaborate with you in that sacred space of bearing witness and self discovery.